Say goodbye to damaged, deformed, unsightly toenails, and embrace beautiful feet you'll be happy to show off!

The Wilde-Pedique system allows us to enhance and rebuild toenails which have been traumatised, split, damaged, infected, or are thickened or discoloured. 


It is the only UV-light cured anti-fungal & anti-microbial gel system on the market.  It's a highly flexible, high-occlusion, acrylester resin, developed specifically for restorative and corrective nail treatments.

Our Podiatrists will build a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed nail which will look so natural only you will know it isn't!





So long as you have at least 10% of your nail plate still present, for the new nail to be built upon, yes!

Your new nail will flex and feel as natural as your own, and will be so comfortable you'll forget it's there.  It will grow with your nails, and you can file it, paint it, bathe, swim and be as active and sporty as normal with it.

While the anti-fungal agent in Wilde-Pedique won't cure a fungal nail, it will protect against further spread of the infection when in situ, and significantly improve cosmetic appearance while you undergo treatment for the infection.

It's suitable for nails which are split, for Psoriatic nails, and where nail surgery has resulted in uneven or unsightly nail regrowth.


* It's possible to reconstruct a nail if there is less than 10% of the original nail for the resin to adhere to, but it will usually only stay in place for 7-10 days.  If this happens it can usually be re-attached with a suitable nail glue and re-used - a good short term solution for holidays or special occasions.

Wilde-Pedique is the ONLY cosmetic nail treatment which is:




...and it contains:

NO aggressive, acidic primers, which damage the nail plate

NO chemical activators, which can cause respiratory damage & complications



Your remaining nail plate and nail bed are carefully prepared before reconstruction - which is where our specialist skills come in - to ensure the most natural finish and best base for your new nail to be built on.


Your Wilde-Pedique nail should on average last from around 6 to 10 weeks - though in some cases they can stay in situ for a longer or shorter period of time.  


Factors which can affect how long the reconstructed nails last include:

  • The shape of your nail bed and amount of existing nail plate

  • How active you are

  • Your footwear choices - more constrictive shoes may shorten the lifespan

  • Natural moisture level of your skin

We'd recommend having them replaced after 12 weeks maximum, as your remaining natural nail may need more prep by then.


Wilde GmbH have been innovators in the development of high quality synthetic resins for medical use for over a century, so you can be assured of the safety and standards of their nail reconstruction system, which has been designed exclusively for Podiatrist use.



Wilde-Pedique treatment appointments involve thorough preparation of the existing nail bed, and reconstruction of the affected nail/s.  A variety of shades are available for close matching of natural nail colour.  Treatment does not at present include application of a coloured nail polish following reconstruction, however you can paint your Wilde-Pedique nail yourself, and change colours during its lifespan (do not use nail polish removal products containing Acetone on your nail).


PLEASE NOTE:  An assessment of suitability will be required BEFORE your Wilde-Pedique appointment is confirmed.  Please contact the clinic in advance to arrange this - due to current Covid-19 restrictions we do not accept drop-in appointments.  If you book your Wilde-Pedique appointment online, we will contact you to arrange your assessment.  Assessments can be carried out remotely in most cases.



1 Big Toenail / £50

2 Big Toenails (same appt) / £75

Lesser(small) Toenails, in addition to Big Toes / £15 Each

Lesser Toenails Only / 1st Nail - £45 / Each Additional - £15