An innovative and extremely effective system of gentle joint mobilisations & stretches, Kinetic Chain Release brings about postural realignment and brings the physical body back into balance quickly and gently.

Pain relief, increased energy and improvement in physical performance can often be experienced from your very first treatment.

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose

What is Kinetic Chain Release?

Developed by Scottish physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert nearly 40 years ago - and now practised throughout the world - KCR is a protocol for bringing about musculoskeletal realignment and balance though a series of gentle manipulations & stretches.


It is often used in conjunction with Connective Tissue Release, which focuses on relieving tightness and restriction of the connective tissue (fascia) which supports the musculoskeletal system.  Tight, damaged fascia causes pain, inflammation and reduction in flexibility.

KCR/CTR are non-invasive treatments which are carried out while patients are clothed, and they're suitable for all ages.  Nicola has treated clients from very young to over 90 years young!

Shoulder Treatment

What Are The Benefits?

Skeletal misalignment and musculoskeletal imbalance put the body structures under stress, and lead to pain, discomfort and impaired function.


While the primary aim of KCR/CTR is to bring about physical re-balancing, reduction in pain and improved mobility/range of motion, the treatments can also facilitate the release of stress, increased energy and profound relaxation.

Many patients experience symptomatic relief and pain reduction from their very first treatment.  Whether you're looking to improve sporting performance and beat your personal best, or simply seeking the freedom to live your life without pain or restriction of movement, KCR/CTR is most certainly going to be of benefit.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Joint Pain


Migraine & Other Headaches

Teeth Clenching/Grinding

Sports Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Repetitive Strain Injury

TMD Dysfunction (Jaw Pain) 

Chronic Fatigue


Snoring / Sleep Apnoea


Irritable Bowel Syndrome



KCR / CTR Practitioner Nicola Todd will carry out a full medical history and assessment of your needs before carrying out your treatment, which will be tailored to your underlying issues and any physical limitations you have.


KCR is non-invasive and involves a series of joint mobilisations and stretches.  If CTR is indicated for your particular condition, this will be incorporated into your treatment, and will involve gentle soft tissue manipulations.  You do not have to get undressed, but you may have to move around a little with the treatment, so please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

You may feel deeply relaxed and sleepy after your treatment, or energised and focused - everybody's experience differs!  Results can be immediate, or take a few days as the body settles into realignment.  Many patients feel rapid pain relief, while others return regularly to maintain performance and wellbeing.

45-60 Mins /  £47

Add 30 Min Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage / £67

(saving £12)

KCR / CTR is not available to book online.  To book, please contact Nicola direct on:

Tel: 07425 190106 or Email: