It's a wart on your foot basically! Verrucae are caused by one of the Human Papilloma viruses, and they spread through person to person contact, or via surfaces (think changing rooms or communal showers)

They can also be uncomfortable or painful, and most conventional treatments just don't work.



Unlike corns, verrucae will usually have an uneven 'cauliflower' type surface, may have tiny black dots (these are the ends of little blood capillaries which have been caught up in the verruca) and be painful when you pinch or press to the sides of them. 

A corn by comparison will usually have a smoother surface, be an even yellowish colour and hurt when you press directly on it.


30 Mins

£34 / £30 Concession


ROUTINE PODIATRY TREATMENT - For Initial Assessment/Treatment of Verrucae

In the first instance you should book a Routine Podiatry Appointment with one of our Podiatrists.  We will assess your condition, try to make you immediately more comfortable by debriding any hard skin which has built up on top of your verruca, and use padding if necessary to relieve pressure in your footwear.

There is no quick fix for verrucae - they are extremely stubborn to treat, so you should be prepared for a course of treatments, either at home or in a clinical setting.  Your Podiatrist will discuss the best treatment therapy and plan for you - this may include over-the-counter topical treatments, in-clinic topical treatments such as cryotherapy, or Verruca Needling.   Verruca Needling is not available to book until you have been assessed by a Podiatrist at a Routine Appointment.



45 Mins - New Patients

30 Mins - Existing Patients

£34 / £30 Concession



Verruca Needling (also known as 'dry needling') is a very effective treatment for longstanding, persistent and multiple verrucae, which works by harnessing your body's own immune system.

Verrucae form in the epidermis - the outer layer of your skin - so although they're caused by a virus, your immune system doesn't register it, as the immune fighting cells are found in the deeper layer of tissue, the dermis.

Needling is carried out under local anaesthetic:  once the area being treated is numb, the lesion is punctured multiple times by a tiny needle.  This pushes the viral tissue into the dermal layer, enabling your immune system to recognise and mount a defence against the virus.


In most cases, one treatment is all that's needed, and a resolution of the verrucae will be seen over the course of a few weeks.  Occasionally a second treatment will be required, usually for very persistent or widespread/multiple lesions.  You will be required to return for 2 follow-up review appointments, at approx. 7-10 days & 8 weeks post-op.

Not available to book online - please either book a Routine Podiatry Appointment first, or contact us for further advice on assessment/booking.  

1 - 1.5 hours

£175 - inc. anaesthesia, dressings pack & 2 review appts

£90 - for 2nd Needling Treatment (only if required)